Unable to Connect to NVIDIA On Windows 10 – How to Update Error?

If you are using Windows 10 then chances are you are facing Unable to connect to NVIDIA. Try again later error while installing NVIDIA GeForce Experience Graphic Drivers on Windows 10 desktops and Laptops. In this post, we will be introducing some of the most effective solutions to you fix this problem.

Most people are encountering the issue of not having the ability to connect to NVidia when they’re updating their Windows OS of version 7 and above. This becomes particularly problematic for a variety of gamers as it is the heart and soul of this gaming system and is what provides the system with power. However, this issue can be solved with the help of a couple of straightforward steps.

In this article, we’re providing the guidelines on how to fix mistakes that GeForce experience unable to connect to Nvidia. Their methods that we’ve checked upon and thus you can try any of them and fix the issue. Read the full article and follow simple steps to fix of Nvidia unable to connect issue.

Fix Unable to Connect to NVIDIA Windows

When it comes to installing graphic cards, Nvidia is the best. But yet, many people are coming across the issue when updating their window OS 7 to 10 or over; they are not able to connect to Nvidia. Now the graphic cards are the heart and soul of every gamer that plays the games frequently on PC. Therefore they cannot resist such difficulties.

NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience is a companion program which is used to provide automatic driver updates and sports optimization for GTX picture card users. Although this is a very helpful application which makes the task of keeping drivers current, it can cause lots of troubles also. Sometimes, you might experience the Unable to connect to NVIDIA or Unable to update driver’s messages while GeForce is trying to download the latest drivers. This can occur at any time and for any length of time. Although it doesn’t make your system unusable, it may make some games unplayable especially if you can’t update drivers for a long time period.

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Method 1: Update GeForce Experience

One of the major issue Unable to Connect to Nvidia can be easily solved using Update GeForce Experience. You need to manually update it to the latest version. You can download the latest version from NVIDIA support website.

Method 2: Disable NVIDIA Services

  • Open Run and type services.msc. Press Enter.
  • Press N key on your keyboard to find NVIDIA Network Service.

  • Navigate to to C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\NetService\.

  • Find NSManagedTasks.xml, Delete it from your system. Show hidden folders if you cannot find that file and check again.
  • Open Task Manager > Details tab and Find NVNetworkService.exe process. Choose End Task.

  • Go back to Services > right click the NVIDIA Network Service and start it again.

Method 3: Update NVIDIA Graphics Card Driver Manually

  • You can easily download and install NVIDIA Graphics Card Driver Manually. All you need to do is, download the NVIDIA Drivers from the NVIDIA official website.

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