Download Twitter Videos using Twitter Video Downloader

Visual contents like Viral  Videos or Virial images of celebrity performs better on the social media sites including Twitter. Video content gets more user attention in a much better way than 140 words limit. Some popular social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter are also making changes to their design and the way user interact with each other. These sites now allow users to upload creative content like videos, images, 360 view Images and more. That is the only reason why you see more and more video content on your Twitter timeline. You’ll see a lot of interesting tweets having videos, and you’ll always wonder; How can I download Twitter’s video to my iPhone? Or how to download twitter videos on PC using Twitter Video Downloader. Like Facebook, Twitter doesn’t allow users to save videos. So you have to use some 3rd party apps or tools to download Twitter Videos on PC or iPhone. So you can watch it later and share with friends and family on your own iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Are you currently trying to figure out how to download that video a friend sent you via Twitter direct message? In this post, I’ll show you a quick way to download videos you get an immediate message on Twitter.

Twitter video downloader is a web application to download twitter videos online. Twitter videos are embedded in tweets. So to download any video from Twitter, you want to have the URL/link of this tweet. All you have to do is just enter an URL of that tweet having a video that you want to download and press download. Twitter Video Downloader is a smart app that will extract the video from the tweet, and then you can download that Twitter video at high quality.

twitter video downloader
twitter video downloader

Want to save Twitter videos to your iPhone for watching offline? Well, you have come to the right location! Just read the entire post, and I’m sure you don’t need to go anywhere else. We will also share how to download twitter videos on iPhone.

Download Twitter Videos using Twitter Video Downloader

Downloading videos from Twitter on the computer is a breeze as it does not require too many steps to be taken. Unfortunately, it is not the identical case on an iOS as the process is long. But you can download Twitter videos on iPhone too.

Downloading Twitter Videos with no jailbreak from iPhone is not easy as Twitter does not allows you to download or save videos on iPhone, iPad, Mac or Windows PC directly but using some little trick, you can do it.

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Twitter is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media consumed on larger screens of computer & laptop, and on smaller screens of smartphones and tablets. It used to have many restrictions, such as the 140 character limit for text and 6 seconds limit for videos. But some videos are special, and you cannot just let and go away after watching them. This article offers you the best guide to Download Twitter Videos Online on Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

How to Download Twitter Videos on Mac and Windows PC

  • Open Twitter on your computer and find the video that you want to download.
  • Click on the down arrow at the right side of that tweet section.
  • Select Copy link to Tweet from the menu and copy the URL of that tweet.

  • Now open Safari or any other browser and go to > Paste Tweet URL Here and click on the Download.

  • Right click on Download Video and click on Save Link as.

  • That’s it! You have successfully downloaded video from Twitter on your Mac or Windows PC/Laptop.

You can also use some other sites to Download Twitter Videos:


How to Download Twitter Videos to iPhone

If you want to Download Twitter videos on iPhone or iPad then the method is the same with few modifications.

  • Open Twitter app > choose Tweet and click on down arrow sign, select the option Select Share Tweet via.

  • Select Copy Link to Tweet from the sharing option.

  • Now, launch Safari and follow the same process we followed above to Save Twitter Videos on iPhone or iPad.

For Android devices, you can follow the same steps. For Windows, there are many tools that allow users to download Twitter Videos in HD. Comment below if you need any help.

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