How to Listen to Spotify Using Spotify Web Player

You have probably heard about the Spotify Web Player. You may even have found reasons to use the Spotify Web Player over the desktop or mobile programs on occasion. Spotify has altered the way a lot of us consume music, myself included.

But did you know Spotify has now given its Internet Player a makeover? It’s hard to understand why Spotify felt the browser-based version of the program needed an update, but the streaming service has brought one regardless. We say “upgrade,” but this feels more like a downgrade.

To be honest, Spotify deserves some credit here, since it has achieved the impossible. That’s right, dear reader, the latest update has made the Spotify Web Player worse. It’s now harder to use, uglier to examine, and stripped of its best characteristics. You could try out the new Spotify Web Player for yourself, or you could save yourself from that torturous experience by letting us tell you what’s wrong with it.

How to Listen to Spotify Using Spotify Web Player

In addition to the Spotify desktop software program, now you can access this popular streaming audio service with its Web Player. This works with most Internet browsing programs like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and others. The Web Player gives you access to all the key features you will need to enjoy Spotify, even in case you’ve got a free account. With it, you can look for albums and songs, discover new music, see what’s new on Spotify, listen to Spotify Radio, and create/share playlists.

Spotify Web Player

But, how can you get this browser-embedded Internet Player in the first place?

It may not be that obvious on Spotify’s website at first glance, but following this tutorial you will learn how to access the Web Player and utilize its main features to stream music to your desktop computer without needing to install any software.
Spotify would be making a beta version of its web player available to all its users in the UK, with the promise that a full release would come later this year.

I’m not complaining that I will soon be able to get Spotify through my browser. But why is Spotify, well established streaming music juggernaut that it is, using its resources to make this happen? In other words, does Spotify require a web player?

In regards to Spotify’s latest re-design, the latter group is growing by the hour.

Spotify has started rolling out a comprehensive overhaul of this new Spotify Web Player interface. Therefore, if you listen to your Spotify playlists in the browser and you still haven’t seen it — brace yourselves because it’s coming. And you might not enjoy it after you get it.

From a visual perspective, the new Spotify interface is not that bad; in actuality, you could even find it attractive. It looks modern, and straightforward enough.

However, the problem is that the redesign didn’t only affect the Spotify Web Player’s look. It also took away several key features — the ability to sort your artists alphabetically, the overview of newly added albums/artists, the song queue — just to mention a few. If you’ve never used them, you probably won’t notice the change. Still, there are users who appreciated those attributes or even found them essential. Understandably, they’re not content.

How to use Spotify Web Player

  • You have to launch a browser and go to and Log in here with your account id and password.
  • Incidentally, if you don’t have an account you can quickly sign up with an email address.

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