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SCR Pro Apk is the one-stop solution for recording anything and everything on your mobile device. Be it video, be it audio or be it an image, SCR Pro lets you record everything. If you’re an aspiring YouTube who wants to record their gameplay videos, this is the app you’re looking for. The not just game plays, you can even record the system sounds or the audios on your android phone.

Suppose you’re playing a soccer game and hit an excellent goal and wanted to show it to your friends. How’d you do that? SCR Pro Apk is what you can use at that time. To capture all your gaming moments and chat screenshots with a simple click. Additionally, the app lets you edit the recordings. So you won’t need to download an additional app for editing them.

SCR Pro Apk Download for Android:

SCR Pro apk Download

The app’s size is very small, but the features that it offers are insane. Video recording, audio recording, and screenshot, all in just one single app. This app is available in the play store, and you can easily download it from there without downloading any APKs. Let us now have a look at the features of this app.

SCR Pro Apk – Features

Video Screen Recording

You can capture your mobile screen by pressing your volume down button and the home button but what about video screen recording? There’s no inbuilt app or option for that. For this, you’ll need to download SCR Pro. While you’re playing a game or watching a movie or doing any such task, you can easily record the screen in real time with this app. Also, after you’ve recorded it in real time, you can even edit it with the same app. With SCR Pro you can save tons of editing options as well.

Audio Recording:

There are tons of call recording applications in the app store but what about the internal audio? Internal audio here refers to the audio or sound that you hear while performing any task or playing a game. If you want to upload a gameplay on YouTube, you sure would want to record the gaming sound as well. SCR Pro Apk supports all type of internal audio recording on most of the devices. You can later edit the recorded audio as well. For internal audio recording, you’ll need to have your device rooted. If your device isn’t rooted, the internal audio won’t be recorded. Although, you can record the microphone audio without the phone being rooted if you wish to record the sound of the game of any task, root your phone if it already isn’t.

Screen Capture

Although you can capture your screen with the help of the home button and volume rocker we often get to capture after trying for 2-3 times. However, you can capture your mobile device’s screen with just one simple click with SCR Pro Apk. So you won’t have to press the home button and volume up button anymore. Also, often the buttons we press don’t sync with each other, and hence either the volume increases/decreases or the phone turns off. But with SCR Pro there’s no possibility of that to happen. You’ll just need to click on the capture button, and the image will be captured within nanoseconds.

Edit the Recordings

You can’t just record things; you can also edit the recorded items with this app. There are lots of video editing options in this app which are enough, and you won’t need any other editing app, both for audio and videos. Sometimes editing the videos and photos take them to a new level. Things get completely changed after editing. So, to look professional and cool for you gameplays, edit them with the help of the inbuilt editing feature of this app.

SCR PRO Apk – How to Use:

SCR Pro Apk is a very simple to use the application after you’ve installed it, you get 3 options for opening up. If you want to capture an image, you’ll need to click on the first one. For recording a video, select the second option “start.” Also, there’s an option to “stop” the recording. After you click on the stop button and stop the recording, the recording will be saved in your desired destination.

So if you’re someone who’s planning to start a mobile gaming YouTube channel, SCR Pro is a must app for you. Be it game plays, be it tutorials or be it some tricks; you’ll need this app for sure if you’re making a mobile related channel. Although there are tons of other screen recording apps some of the apps offer only screen recording whereas some of them offer only screen capturing. But, in the case of SCR Pro Apk, you can capture the screen as well as record it. Additionally, you can edit your saved recordings o make them look even better and that too without installing any additional app.

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