Remove Duplicate Contacts in Android and iOS

Duplicate contacts are not an issue for the first time user of an Android or iPhone as every contact will be added manually. But when you enable the sync while using Google or any other email account, your Android phone or iPhone keeps syncing all the contacts, and due to this multiplicity, you will get multiple duplicates for each entry on your device phonebook. This is how duplicate contacts are invited. These type of situations are sometimes unavoidable, but there are hundreds of ways to remove off these duplicate contacts from a phone book.

If you are an Android user, then you are quite lucky since this device has pretty nice options that permit you to clean up the address book by spontaneously merging all overlapping contact details into a single contact. Merging duplicates is a popular method used to remove duplicate contacts from an Android phone. It applies for both to remove duplicate Google contacts as well as for removing duplicate phone memory contacts. To remove duplicate contacts from your Android phone, you just have to apply the following steps in Google Contacts.

Open Google Contacts on your browser from Gmail. Then just log in using the Google account that you use on your Android device. After logging in, click on My Contacts menu that you see on the left-hand side bar so that you can load the contacts which you have on your connected devices.

Remove Duplicate Contacts in Android and iOS

Having done that, choose the contact group where you want to scan for the duplicate contacts and then select the contacts. Click on all the contacts or select all to search through all the entries. Once you select all the contacts, hit the merge button and then click on “Find & Merge Duplicates” option. When you do so, what Google does is, it scans through the contacts instantly and give out the results.

If no duplicates are found then, it will say it out. If in case duplicate contacts are found, Google will group them and then it will display all those in a pop-up frame to ask you as to which of them you would like to merge.

If you want to cross verify the contacts that you need to merge then surely you can do so. After cross verifying the contacts, you need to click on the merge button to perform the changes. Immediately the contacts get merged, and the changes will get reflected on the device next time when the phone syncs.

This is how Duplicate Google contacts are merged on your Android phone. But, in this busy scheduled life, none of the Smartphone users would like to manually delete contacts from their Android phone. So, to deal with the automated process of removing duplicate contacts from Android Smartphone one can give a try for third party application. Nowadays, there are several utilities made available in the market, but selecting the reliable and powerful tool is very much important. Here comes the most reliable and appropriate software named as Remo MORE, which can eminently delete duplicate contacts on an Android phone just within a matter of seconds.

It comes free of cost; it means that being an automated tool, MORE is available free you don’t have to pay even a single rupee to get your task done. Thus, do not waste your valuable time in deleting duplicates one by one, simply go ahead with this automated Remo MORE suite. It supports removing duplicate contacts on all versions of Android like Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and the recently released KitKat. The tool is compatible with all brands of Smartphones or Tablets running with Android OS, for example, Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, etc.

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What to do for removing duplicate contacts from iPhone?

So far we discussed how duplicate contacts could be removed from Android mobiles manually and by using MORE tool. Now, let us take a look at some of the easier ways to get rid of duplicate contacts on iPhone. For manually finding, merging and deleting duplicate entries from your contacts book on iPhone, you must try the iCloud method. It is one of the most assured ways of making sure you leave everything. If you have a lot of duplicate entries on your iPhone then just follow this iCloud method which carries the following steps

  • To begin with, you have to set up iCloud, and then you need to go to the setting section. Tap on the iCloud option and simultaneously make sure that the switch for Contacts is “On.” At the end of this step, your iPhone contacts start syncing to iCloud.
  • Now log in to your Apple ID account at
  • Ensure that all the contacts are synced by clicking on Contacts.
  • Scroll down to check out for the number of contacts and if possible cross verifies with your iPhone contacts.
  • Now when all the contacts are on iCloud, go to setting in the iCloud. Now turn the contacts switch “Off.” Then tap on “Keep on My iPhone” option.
  • After this log into your Apple ID account again. Click on “Contacts” and export all the contacts as .vcf as safety backup measure.
  • Begin the cleaning process by merging duplicate entries

Like this duplicate entries can be removed from iPhone safely. After merging the duplicate contacts, you can turn on the iCloud sync on your iPhone so that all the contacts from iCloud will now get synced to iPhone. Well, when there is an automated way of deleting duplicate contacts on iPhone device, then why one should spend time on manually removing duplicates. As previously stated, Remo MORE proves to be the best software. MORE suite is a simple yet effective tool and deletes duplicates with utmost ease and accuracy.

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