How to Recover Data From Micro SD Card Using Some Best Software?

Many gadgets like Smartphones, Tablets, Cameras, music players, etc.… use Micro SD Cards as their external storage device. Thus, Micro SD Cards are extensively used by everyone. This is because; it is highly compact in nature & has a wide range of memory space ranging from few MB’s to several GB’s. Here we are sharing how to Recover Data from Micro SD Card using some best software.

When you use these Cards in devices, there are many situations where you may format your Micro SD card, without checking for backup of data stored in Micro SD card. In these cases, is Micro SD Card recovery after formatting possible?? YES! With today’s improved technology, it is possible to get back data from formatted Micro SD cards. There are many applications available on the internet that helps you to Recover Data from Micro SD Card, but one has to be very careful while choosing 3rd party recovery tools as there are some software’s which might cause further data loss. However, among several recovery apps, Micro SD Card Recovery is the robust one that can retrieve formatted Micro SD Card files or folders quickly on both Windows and Mac systems successfully.

How to Recover Data From Micro SD Card?

Before knowing more about this recovery app, let’s see different situations where one may format Micro SD card:

While viewing some files stored in Micro SD card, you may want to move them or share or do some other task. Instead of all such things, you may accidentally click on Format option & Micro SD Card gets formatted.

Sometimes, You may intentionally format Micro SD card. For instance, if Micro SD Card is corrupted, you may format it assuming that it will work correctly, which may come out to be true, but still, you are losing your files after formatting it.
There are chances where your device may be corrupted & a message may pop-up ask you to format your Micro SD Card repeatedly. You may click yes in haste and end up losing all your vital files.

In all these cases, you will be in need of a strong utility that can recover Micro SD Card after formatting. Now is the time to look into features of Micro SD Card Recovery software & see why this app to be used for Micro SD Card recovery after formatting:

All these features adding together make Micro SD Card Recovery app, the best choice for carrying out the process of Micro SD Card recovery after formatting. The only thing you need to be careful is that don’t use Micro SD Card to save any new data in it until you restore formatted Micro SD Card completely. Else your files in Micro SD Card may get overwritten & you may lose them.

Always use safe removal option as opposed to abrupt pull to disconnect Micro SD Card when connected to PC. Make sure that you won’t use the same memory card in many devices as it may lead to corruption in turn to loss of data. When using Micro SD Cards in cameras, avoid using cameras to click pictures or shoot videos in low battery mode, as it can cause deletion of files in memory card.

The app has a free trial version. So, Download it & use it to recover Micro SD Card after formatting. View the retrieved files & purchase this cost-effective tool to save those files. So, now you know, that with this utility, Micro SD Card recovery after formatting is a piece of cake.

Steps to Recover Data From Micro SD Card Formatting:

  • Step 1: Download demo version of Micro SD Card Recovery program and install it on your PC. Run the tool and select “Recover Drives.”
  • Step 2: Now, select “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” option from the screen.
  • Step3: Now, select the drive that represents your memory card for the recovery process.
  • Step 4: Once the recovery process is complete, you can view all the deleted data.

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