iTunes Delete Duplicates – Discover the Top Notch Ways

Having a large collection of music in your iTunes library could present some problems – and there’ll come a time when you would wonder how to go about with iTunes Delete Duplicates. The larger your collection is, the harder it will be to keep it organized. And remember this – with tons of MP3 songs, come tons of duplicates.

Many music lovers now download their choice of music rather than buy them in brick and mortar stores. And with the influx of pop artists and many other singers, there is just too much music to own! Fortunately, you can just download albums and enjoy listening to them right away. On the other hand, this comes with the dilemma of duplicate songs. Most people would primarily download the single and later download the album, thus, leaving a duplicate. These duplicates will soon clutter your music library and here is where your problem would begin.

It is also possible to encounter compatibility issues between the iTunes format and the MP3 files that you are downloading. The conversion could also result into another problem and so would incorrect song information and minute sound bites from your PC. All these contribute to a cluttered iTunes music library. And this is also why people are in bad need of a duplicate song file remover.

iTunes Delete Duplicates

Manual versus software deletion: Manually deleting the songs in your iTunes music library is a cumbersome task. You will spend hours (if not days) of right-clicking and deleting. It isn’t something that you can do overnight!

iTunes Delete Duplicates

Here’s how to manually delete your songs

Step 1: Select Music Tab in iTunes.

Step 2: Click on File > Display Duplicates

Step 3: Choose the song duplicates that you want to get rid of.

Step 4: Press the Delete key.

Step 5: A message will show asking you if you are certain that you will remove the file that you highlighted.

Step 6: The next step is going to take a long, long time so be a little patient. Use the hotkeys to select several songs at once and then delete them.

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An iTunes duplicate remover, on the other hand, is supposed to do the following things in just a few minutes –

  • Fix the missing ID3 tag fields
  • Procure album cover art
  • Sort out the different music genres
  • Correct any misspelled titles of songs
  • Eradicate duplicate songs
  • Fix mislabelled songs

Steps in deleting files with the use of software:

  • First, open your iTunes program.
  • Install the latest version of your chosen software.
  • See the feature that will find the duplicates in your iTunes music library.
  • Just sit back, munch some chips and drink some cola, because the iTunes songs will be placed through the spin cycle and in a few minutes, you’ll get to enjoy a clutter-free library!

Deleting the duplicate songs in your iTunes library need not be complicated. Here’s a software that can do the most complex tasks without any hassles:

This isn’t your ordinary song duplicate remover software. It has multi-functions which can truly remove burdens from your shoulders! You can easily sift through thousands (even half a million) of songs without spending extended periods of time or straining your eyes and back as you stare at the monotonous task ahead of you.

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If you have experienced spending hours in manually deleting duplicate files, this is the best solution that you can resort to. Now, you can fix your iTunes problems in just a few minutes!

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