IRCTC Cancellation Charges and Rules For Indian Railways

It is very hard to understand the rules of Irctc. There are various rules for each service, and they keep on changing with time. Like there are a few rules for Tatkal ticket cancellation. If you have booked tickets for IRCTC online and now you want to cancel IRCTC Ticket, then you should know about some IRCTC Cancellation Charges and Rules For Indian Railways in 2017.

Before going to book IRCTC Ticket online, read these Ticket Cancellation Rules first. Otherwise, you will not get any refunds. IRCTC cancellation rules depend on the time, so you have to also know the Train chart and rules. Let us now talk about what is the Train cancellation rules. Then we will also discuss the refunds also. We have already posted about How To Create IRCTC New Account and IRCTC registration.

IRCTC Cancellation Charges

Cancellation penalty varies by the quota you have booked your ticket in, time before the departure of the train, PNR status. For more information, please check refer to\_rules.html
If a confirmed ticket is cancelled more than 24 hrs before the scheduled departure of the train, horizontal cancellation fees will be Rs.70/- for AC Executive Class, Rs.60/- for AC 2 Tier/AC 3 Tier/First Class/AC Chair car, and Rs.20/- for Second Class.

IRCTC Cancellation Charges and Rules For Indian Railways

If you cancel a ticket before 4 hours, you will get 50% of your ticket amount. For Tatkal quota tickets, a flat refund of 25% of total fare charged on ticket, excluding Tatkal Charges is allowed on cancellation of supported Tatkal tickets. No refund on confirmed Tatkal tickets is granted when cancelled within 24 hrs of the scheduled departure of the train.

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Cancellation of the confirmed ticket 1 day before.

  • IRCTC cancellation charges for SL (Second Class)Rs. 60
  • IRCTC cancellation charges for Sleeper Class (SL) Rs. 120
  • IRCTC cancellation charges for 3ac (3rd AC Economy and AC chair car) Rs. 180
  • IRCTC cancellation charges for 2ac (First Class) Rs. 200
  • First AC (Executive Class) Rs. 240

IRCTC ticket cancellation fees are charged by the IRCTC in case you cancel your bought IRCTC ticket because you cannot or don’t wish to travel on the booked travel dates. Non-refundable IRCTC tickets are simply non-refundable, meaning that such an IRCTC ticket has no remaining value should you not use it exactly as bought.

IRCTC ticket cancellation fees are deducted from the IRCTC in the initially paid amount after you cancel a reservation and apply for a refund.

Cancellation penalties vary on which offer you choose and which train you choose. Note that lots of discount tickets are non-refundable. You have to review specific IRCTC ticket fare rules related to your purchase during the online reservation process. Before booking IRCTC ticket online first read its return policy.

You can also contact customer care in case of any issues.

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