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If you want to download so many files at once and there are many files then you will need some help because it is very hard to select all the files one by one and download them all. There are some extensions and tools that you can use to download all files at once.

If you are using Google Chrome then DownThemAll Chrome Extension is the one for you. If you are using Windows, then there are some download manage apps are available which can fetch all the available download, and you can select them all. But with the help of this Chrome extension, called DownThemAll you can easily download all the available files without select them one by one.

They’re still useful, don’t get me wrong, but not essential anymore since they’ve been before. That doesn’t mean that you can’t use them to speed up certain operations for you. That is what this guide is all about.

With DownThemAll Extension software your Browser download speeds are increased by up to 400 times. What’s more desirable than a single add-on for you Windows PC that guarantees you increased download speeds while seamlessly working within Google Chrome Browser?

The Top Features of Downthemall Add-on :

1. DownThemAll carries NO Spyware, Adware and or hidden costs and is free to download.
2. Allows you to download everything on a website thus saving you time
3. Integrates with Firefox very harmoniously without compromising your computer’s security or virus protection.
4. Boosts your download speeds by up to four times.
5. It allows you to let downloads run while you are away or to pause them then resume later.

What’s New in Downthemall 2.0.18 version :

Downthemall 2.0.18 is now compatible with Mozilla Firefox 48.0, Google Chrome and Other Web Browsers, has an updated locale and now allows you to set the maximum download speeds by a server, individual download and as a global preference. The queue management is now more advanced; there is a new filter to enable you yo clear the queue of ongoing and completed downloads. Lastly, it allows third-party downloads without prompting you to allow third-party cookies. Download now to save you the curiosity of waiting six hours.

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