How to Download DirectX 12 for Windows 10/8.1/7?

On this page, you can download Directx 12 for Windows 10 64 bit, 32 bit and other versions of this popular operating system. Link to download the program is available at the bottom of the page. DirectX 12 is a free software, which is needed mainly for the operation of modern computer games. Experienced gamers know that any demanding of computer resources the game will only work with the necessary version of DirectX.

The main objectives of this program are to improve the image quality, increased productivity and process video. Therefore, each new version of this program makes any game brighter, sharper, more colourful and more quickly. Updating the program often allows us to solve problems hovering, breaking sound and video, especially in games with complex graphics.

DirectX 12 The exact release date was not known until the last moment. It should be noted that the release of a new version of the program was delayed considerably. For several years its appearance eagerly awaited by millions of fans of computer games in the world. Recall the previous version – DirectX 11 was announced in autumn 2009. Since then, it took a full four years.

And finally, the program DirectX 12 was announced in San Francisco (USA), at the International Conference Game Developers Conference. Meanwhile, the first game by the DX version will be launched before the end of 2015. It may well be that by the time Microsoft releases a new version of Windows, in which the new version of DX will go by default. But if despite this, you need to download Directx 12 for Windows 8 64 bit, you can do it on this page.

Specialized media have already published a lot of materials on this program. Here we will tell its visitors about what to expect from the new version, both developers, and gamers.

Before starting a detailed review, we note that the lack of Microsoft visible activity of the company in this area even cast doubt on the development of new versions of DirectX. In particular, in 2014, the popular German portal here.

But, despite all the defeatism, Microsoft has yet to release a long-awaited for many versions. And now everyone can download DirectX 12 for free.

First look

If the top priority for all previous versions consisted in improving the image effects and support new hardware features video, the new version is designed, first and foremost, to optimize the software stack DirectX under the existing components.

Indeed, on the eve of the company AMD, which released Mantle, clearly showed that in a certain sense, the previous version of Microsoft development severely limits the performance of your computer. In particular, DirectX 11 showed a low efficiency in processing a large volume of draw calls.

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According to the forecasts of industry experts, the new version will be able to improve processor efficiency by about 50% compared with the previous version. It is these results were obtained when testing the closed version of 3DMark 2011. So do not even think before you download Directx 12 for Windows 8 64 bit or any other version of Windows.

The advantages of the new version

In the hands of developers will be plenty of opportunities for the creation of a revolutionary high-quality game graphics. Against this background, thanks to the more efficient operation of the new software requirements for your computer and can not grow. Also, the new version we are waiting for the following new features:

XP version probably will not. However, use this version of fewer people. And it will be for them one more reason to upgrade. At the same time, the new version will not only work in Windows 8 but also the most stable to date version of Windows 7;
Automatic updating of the program will ensure the system is always the current version of DirectX in Russian;

The program contains a set of modern drivers that provide convenient communication between devices, PC, and operating system. Due to this there will be the need to install additional software for the stable operation of the application;
Quality music and sound games will be higher. And it will be noticeable even on the built-in sound card;

Direct X 12 will be contained in the new version of Windows. Therefore, after updating the system, the user does not have to individually look for a new version of DirectX. But if you come to our website for this very purpose, recall that you can download Directx 12 for Windows 7 64 bit for free on this page.

What exactly has changed?

The new version of the program implemented several brand new technologies as well as details of old recycled technologies. For more information about the most important ones below.

Multithreaded execution driver instructions

The new version has become much more efficient to distribute the load on the CPU between multiple data streams. The graph below shows that the program now distributes the four flow operation not only from directly 3DMark but the video card driver.

DirectX 12 performance

The same graph shows that while the DX 12 video driver component is disappearing in Kernel Mode. This is because low-level subsystem includes a scheduler Direct3D graphics, video manager, mini-port driver.

It turns out that all of the code Direct3D is now in User Mode. On the one hand, this decision should obviously reduce system performance. But in fact, the performance will not decrease due to efficient multi-threading and absence of a context change between User Mode and Kernel Mode. All this can be verified right now if you download DX12 for Windows 10.

Pipeline State Objects

Among other things, Microsoft engineers have successfully solved the problem of draw calls, significantly reworked graphics pipeline Direct3D. Recall in Direct3D rendering is performed in several pipeline stages, which embody an abstract level, image preparation stages. It should be understood that the stage is not performed in real time for each other.

Runtime-component DirectX determines the status of the conveyor, called a pipeline state and representing the set of states of each step. E. Collects parameters of the operations performed by the video card as part of the rendering and the data on which you want to perform the necessary operations. After receiving all the data is draw call – the team that runs the rendering object. Only after this video mini port driver passes pipeline state in the form of the code for your graphics card (hardware state).

From the time of implementation of the last phase, it depends largely on the total time of the drawing object. If on the screen a lot of objects, DirectX may significantly slow down the process even on the most powerful processor. In an alternative program AMD Mantle this problem is solved due to lack of transmission stage pipeline state in the hardware state.

In Direct3D 12 Microsoft engineers decided to draw notorious call problem in another way. At the time of draw call transmission pipeline state is not entirely

The state of a plurality of individual pipeline stages is combined here with a few large objects – Pipeline State Objects (PSO). They are formed independently of each other and passed to the driver immediately. Because of this the driver is not waiting for the draw call and proceeds to the conversion of PSO to a hardware code. In this case, a lot of objects that reflect the state of pipeline stages, allows the driver to quickly resolve dependencies between them.

Another innovation DX 12 is the new method of load control card. Now this problem is solved by using the commands lists (command lists). I must say that for the first time the term appeared in the previous version of the DX. API provides two types of device context

1. Immediate context;
2. Deferred context.

As part of the Immediate context, commands are sent directly to the graphics card driver. As part of the Deferred context executes the command list entry, subsequently reproduced in the Immediate context.

Innovation DirectX 12 is the ability to calculate in advance the low-level instruction by lists of commands received.

Another innovation in this area – bundles, as are the lists of commands. Sets bundles commands can be executed repeatedly in combination with all sorts of resources. For example, they may be used for visualization of identical objects with a different texture. In this situation, the driver will have only once to create the instructions for the video card.

Video cards that support DirectX 12

The good news is the fact that DX 12, in contrast to the previous versions will be fully compatible with existing graphics cards that support DX 11. Applications for full compatibility with the new version has made some manufacturers.

In particular, the NVIDIA representatives said that DirectX 12 would be supported by all graphics cards based on Maxwell, Kepler, and Fermi. In turn, AMD has given the guarantee that the new DX will be compatible with video cards based on GCN. And Intel representatives have stated the compatibility of the new version with chips Haswell.

DirectX 12 or Mantle: who will win?

It is evident that these programs currently have become direct competitors. And the appearance of the new version of DirectX can hack to death at the root of the possibility of any future AMD development in this direction. And this despite the strong start Mantle, which managed to quickly get the support of many popular game engines, including the Frostbite 3.

It is possible that it is out in the light of AMD’s Mantle motivated company Microsoft to eliminate the known disadvantages of the previous version of DX 11. How the situation will develop, time will tell. In the meantime, download Directx 12 for Windows 10 and other versions of Windows, and enjoy new sensations of your favourite games!

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