Connectify Pro – Reviews and How to Install

The simplest way to organize on your computer access to the network via WiFi is to use the utility Connectify Pro. This is a program that at a time from any PC will make a point from which you can go online, and stay in it exactly as much as the user directly wants. To the newly created point, you can afterward connect any platform, smartphone or tablet, without performing specialized and painstaking settings. The program serves as a kind of shell for the organization of Internet access, that is, from a single network wireless card, several additional virtual adapters are created. To cope with the settings and connections is easy enough for even a few experienced users, several simple and well-known manipulations.

For the correct operation of the utility, it is, of course, necessary that the machine on which it is installed, provided that the machine already has a built-in Wi-Fi card, and the Windows 7/8 / XP operating system. With another operating platform, the utility does not make friends. Only Windows has the necessary function of a virtual connection.

Connectify Pro

Installing Connectify Pro

The steps for installing the program are the simplest. First, you need to download Connectify Pro free in Russian for windows 8/7 / XP from our site and run it on your machine. Further settings are reduced to choosing the type of connection, the name of the network being organized and, of course, the password. With these settings, it’s extremely easy to cope, because they are not more difficult than usual, and it’s all customary settings. The number of requests that the program offers the user is minimal, and the settings remain unless of course forget to perform the saving.

Useful properties of the program

The utility has a lot of “side” and very useful properties, in addition to wireless access, which it is supposed to provide. The ease of organization of the connection point and the ease of configuration are an undoubted advantage of the utility, but the user is probably also interested in the degree of security of the machine when using this utility. The protection is done through WEP encryption, therefore both the machine and all the data stored on it remain the exclusive prerogative of the user. The utility will, of course, require keys for the Konektifi Pro, but finding them online is easy.

When using the utility, the transmission speed increases by thirty percent. The utility can be controlled via the system tray. If the user stumbles upon dangerous resources, the warning pops up instantly, and the user does not risk entering dangerous resources. Connectify Pro has a pretty nice user interface with a variety of tabs. The connection is made automatically when the main system is booted. The utility supports several monitors, which is very convenient for users who want to place it not on the main monitor.

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The firewall has the simplest management with the help of a pair of flags that users remove or install on their reasons. The utility allows you to quickly detect your passwords, which greatly simplifies the procedure for their often not error-free input. If after installation, the program interface was in English, you should install the latest version of Connectify Pro, and the utility will appear in native Russian.

Having trouble with Connectify Pro?

If there are any problems with the utility, it is possible to fix them yourself. After the expiration of the test mode, you will certainly need the keys for Connectify Pro, which will allow you to use the utility further. You can get the keys if you follow the prompts of the pop-up windows. Having fulfilled all the conventions, the user gets the keys that he needs to enter into the activation line, and the utility will work again. Search for working keys should begin a few days before the expiration of the test period.

Even in hotels, I use Connectify as a unique means of distributing an Internet access point via Wi-Fi. This indicates that the program does not use many resources that are required to raise the Internet connection. Thus, she deserves the honorary title of “reliable.”

The advantages of Connectify hotspot is that it is simple to use, even Grandma can make the Internet in the village, using 3G / 4G modems or other available connections. The program supports data encryption, which allows you to provide security, because attackers without this encryption can access all of your data, including passwords of various social networks, forums, etc. Unlike its competitors, Connectify can change the name of the Internet access point; there is an opportunity to put a password for access to Wi-Fi and many other useful chips.

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