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Cleaning hard drives, removing unused files and fixing missing files can help improve a user’s experience with the computer. However, not all people are familiar with these processes, while others do not have time to check and perform all of them. The good news is that CCleaner Portable will make all of these easier for computer users. Portable CCleaner is the same as the regular application. The difference is that the portable version does not need installation. The file can be downloaded online for free and saved on CD/DVD or USB flash drive. It can then be used on any computer by running the executable file saved.

Your device just got a lot safer!

CCleaner Portable Download:

This is a light application, so it does not use much memory or space. Users can carry it around and use when needed. This program will help easily remove temporary Internet files, history, cookies, accessed documents from the system, whether they are from the Windows applications or user installed programs. This can be done by clicking on the Run Cleaner button on the Cleaner menu. This will speed up the computer and Internet connection, as well as protect the privacy of users by removing the traces of files and sites they have accessed.

CCleaner Portable

When Windows files get corrupted or accidentally removed, error messages will start to pop-up and applications that need those files will not run properly. CCleaner Portable allows users to check on these damaged or missing files and fix them. There is no need to manually search and install the missing files one by one, as this can be done conveniently using the application. This feature is available on the Registry menu.

Protecting You Wherever You Go!

The Tools menu of CCleaner Portable has different features that are useful to computer owners. Uninstalling programs on PC is faster as there is no need to go to the control panel. This can be done by using the CCleaner software. There is no need to go elsewhere if users would want to check on the programs that run during startup as this is available on the same menu, together with the uninstall option. On startup, users can enable the applications that they want to run or disable when Windows start. Managing the points for restoring the system can be easily done as this is also included under the Tools menu. Cleaning any disk drive is not a problem as the drive wiper of the application can get this done.

It is best to keep CCleaner Portable updated so enabling the option for automatically updating the software will ensure that it has the latest updates. This can be set on the Options menu just below the Tools menu. Cookies saved on the browser makes it possible for sites to remember the username and password used, so there is no need to enter them again. Some users prefer this as this is more convenient, especially if they are the only ones using their PC. But if the computer has several users, it is best not to store password to prevent unauthorized access unless the account is shared with everyone. CCleaner allows users to list the sites that they would like the cookies to be wiped and those that they want to exclude.

CCleaner Enhancer:

CCleaner is one of the best free optimization tools that you can get for your computer. It helps free up space and more. CCleaner Enhancer is an add-on that you can also download without a cost. This is a small application that will enhance the use of the CCleaner application. One of the uses of CCleaner is that it deletes junk files, unused documents, browsing history, tracks of accessed files and documents from applications that come installed with the operating system and those that you added on your PC. CCleaner will let you remove these files in one window.

There may be programs installed on your computer that is not included on the list of programs available on the CCleaner application you installed. To add more applications on the list so you can include them in the programs to scan and clean, use the enhancer application for CCleaner. There are 270 additional programs that this plug-in can add to your existing CCleaner program. Please note that you need to have CCleaner installed on your computer first before you can use the enhancer. As mentioned this will enhance its use and it does not work as a stand-alone program.

If you are using CCleaner Portable, you will be asked to choose a folder where to save the new programs when you run the plug-in. This is a relatively small file so it can be downloaded and run quickly. Do not worry if you do not see all 270 programs listed on the applications tab of your CCleaner program after running the enhancer. It is working as designed. It will only list the new applications that are installed on your computer. You can then have them checked so they will be included when scanning the system using CCleaner and removing old and junk files.

Say Goodbye to Cookies, Malware and the Cookie Monster!

Make sure to check out the latest version of this enhancer so you will have the updated list of programs. Aside from deleting history and files, which free up system resources, there are other helpful features that CCleaner has to offer. By deleting stored passwords and history, it will prevent unauthorized access to your accounts, as well as prevent them from checking your Internet trails. If you want to protect your privacy and you do not want others to see the sites that you accessed, deleting them through the program will give you peace of mind that other users would not know about them.

If you do not know how to fix the missing files in the registry of your PC, the application can easily do this for you. Click on Registry on the left side of the window and click the Scan for Issues button. It will list all the corrupted registry files and give you the option to have them fixed. It also has Drive Wiper providing extra protection on your privacy. When files are deleted on your computer, there is a possibility that they can be recovered using a recovery application. This will retrieve all deleted files and let others gain access to them. Drive Wiper will write data on those spaces so deleted files cannot be accessed even when data recovery software is used.

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