Keyboard Apps for Android to Get Faster and Easier Mobile Typing!

Typing issues are the major issue faced by any Android user. To avoid these issues people prefer typing short length messages. There are, even more, chances of getting addicted to the decent keyboard that most of the android comes out of the box and do not prefer to opt for third-party keyboard apps for some faster and efficient use. But android allows it, users, to sweep out the stock keyboard for a preferable keyboard app or any third party app. With the changing time, choosing option has got bigger, and even app quality has improved to a great extent.

Best Keyboard Apps for Android:

Here are 5 best keyboard apps on which you can get a hands-on experience but have to wait until iOS 8 arrives to try it by themselves on android. You can give a try to these apps. So let’s have a look at some of the rounded up keyboard apps for your android. So let your heart text out freely no matter how long it wanted to with these keyboard apps.


The first one in our list is the all-time favorite of everyone. But with its recently released free download option made it much more user loving than before. Besides predicting your words well in advance and making your typing work easier, it has further been enhanced to learn your way of formatting and writing text from your emails and conversation style, so that later it can auto-fill your remaining words or address or much more.

Besides this, it is customized to choose keyboard layouts from several different keyboard themes multiple keyboard sizes, and many more. It includes “Flow through Space” feature that helps you type an entire message without lifting your finger.

Swype Keyboard:

This is the world’s most advanced keyboard app that had changed everything in the era of typing. Swype keyboard has a unique feature of swiping the finger across the screen to type your content. Besides expressing your heart’s content via swiping your fingers you can even type the words manually. But the whole conclusion about this application is that its signature feature is swiping. You can try its free version available for 30 days.

Google Keyboard:

Being the developer of many apps, long ago Google decided to offer a keyboard for Android through Google Play Store. Let me note you that this is not rich in a feature as that of the above-mentioned keyboard applications.

It consists of simple prediction capability and is very much familiar to stock keyboards available.

Hacker’s Keyboard:

This is the keyboard that is designed for a particular purpose. It is worth having this keyboard to use in particular cases. This is useful in applications such as SSH access or providing a phone or tablet support to the remote computer, or for some vital cases like remote tracking or one can even say for hacking purpose and many more.

This is a five-row keyboard that suits very well on android phone with arrow keys also for devices lagging trackball or D-pad.Hacker’s keyboard application supports various languages like English, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Italian and many more. So it becomes easy to connect to a remote computer via phones/Tablets anywhere in the world and language won’t be the cause of concern for you. You can know the list of language packs available with this application. You just need to go to Google Play Store and download it for free.

Fleksy Keyboard:

Last but not the least, Flesky comes with additional features from all those mentioned above. Besides predicting the words before they are typed, it even predicts the word you want to type even after you enter all the wrong keys. This is because it not only looks at the letter you hit but also observes the place where you have tapped and filters it into the prediction engine and tries to figure out what you wanted to say.

It makes typing easy, awesome and efficient and with accuracy. You need to swipe down to go through the suggestions, swipe left to delete words and backspace for characters, making it a productive and effective keyboard app for Android handsets. To have a hands-on experience on it you can even try the free version of it.

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