How to Check AIM Mail? | AIM Mail IMAP Server Settings!!

Looking for the AIM Mail IMAP server settings or how to access AIM Mail? Here in this article, we are going to share AIM Mail IMAP Settings and default login page. The AIM Mail IMAP server settings for accessing AIM Mail messages and folders in any email program are:

When you create a screen name for AIM, you automatically create an “” email. Although your AIM screen name can be your standard email address, it is still regarded AOL Email as opposed to AIM Mail. You can check AIM Email from either within PURPOSE or via your web browser.

Connecting AIM Mail to AIM:

Even though your AIM username can be your AIM email address, the AIM program is not automatically attached to your email address. Login to AIM and select “Link AIM Mail” within the sidebar, where you might also need the possibility for connecting Facebook, Twitter, and other records. Press “Allow” to verify your request. Click the new “AIM” image to see your AIM Mail notifications.

AIM Mail

How to Check AIM Mail? and AIM Mail IMAP Settings!!

Navigate to AIM Mail website. Register using your data, just like you would sign into that system. Provided your sound is on, and you’ve got new messages, you’ll hear AIM’s basic “You’ve Got Mail” jingle. Feel free to renew the window once or twice to bask within the “You Have Got Mail” honor. Select “Inbox” to view your new messages. Once you’ve opened a message, make use of the toolbar to reply, forward, remove or complete numerous other features.

America Online recently joined the freemail arena with its AIM Mail beta service. If you’ve got an AIM Instant Messenger account, you’re already in. Just click on the INTENTION Mail link close to the bottom of your Buddy List window, and AIM will automatically sign you into your email account. You may need AIM client version 5.9 for this to work; otherwise, you may register individually at

Successfully, AIM Mail makes a superb impression, with vibrant graphics and the neat way the trash icons let you remove specific messages using a single click. AIMis tight integration with Instant Messenger displays in numerous techniques, and it is one of its key selling points. You may include AIM profile signals inside your signature and put in place return receipts with other AIM users. We found this user-friendly, although the INTENTION profile signal requires Microsoft Web Browser to operate, and one moment it refused to light up precisely when the other PURPOSE party was online.

Here are AIM Mail IMAP Settings:

  • AIM Mail IMAP server address:
  • AIM Mail IMAP user name: Your full AIM Mail email address (e.g. “”)
  • AIM Mail IMAP password: Your AIM Mail password
  • AIM Mail IMAP port: 993
  • AIM Mail IMAP TLS/SSL required: yes

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