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Sep 28, 2017 - 34 minute read

Salvini e meloni prossimi incontri 2017

Us with Salvini Italian: Noi con SalviniNcSis a populist political party in Italy[1] [2] whose main campaign themes are Euroscepticism and a strong stance against illegal immigration. Salvini is the party's president, Raffaele Volpi a senator of Lega Nord vice-president, while Angelo Attaguileformerly a member of the Party of Sicilianswho was the first deputy to salvini e meloni prossimi incontri 2017 the party, secretary and leader in Sicily. On 19 December Salvini launched the new party during a press conference in Rome. Since its early months salvini e meloni prossimi incontri 2017 activity, NcS formed ties with several local activists and organisations, stretching from Souad Sbaia former deputy of The People of Freedom PdL of Moroccan origin and leading anti- Islamistto the Italian nationalist and neo-fascist CasaPound. Seven deputies, including Attaguile, since joined the party: In April it was announced that Irene Pivettia former President of the Chamber of Deputies who had left the LN in and was then president of the Italy—China Development Foundation, would head the party's slate in the upcoming municipal election in Rome. In the local elections the NcS was present only in a few municipalities, obtaining some convincing results only in the Centre-South closer to the areas of LN's influenceincluding 6. In the general election the party formed a joint list with the LN under the "Lega" banner, obtaining its best results in Abruzzo The LSP, whose statute had been published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale in December [41] and had been described as a "parallel party", campobasso hot incontri [43] might eventually replace both the LN and NcS, which would be merged into one. According to news sources, Salvini might even launch a brand-new party and absorb most of the centre-right parties into it. On economic issues, NcS supports flat taxtax cutsfiscal federalismprotectionism [50] and, to some extent, agrarianism. On social issues, NcS opposes same-sex marriage and the EU's management of immigrationwhile it supports family values and the legalisation of brothels.

Salvini e meloni prossimi incontri 2017 FI head says laid down foundations to win elections

There was a hegemony there, which was that Forza was in charge and all the others were secondary. Berlusconi IV Cabinet — Crollo del Partito democratico. During this period she was the leader of the "Sons of Italy" faction. On the campaign trail, Elisa is still at his side. Il Fatto Quotidiano in Italian. On economic issues, NcS supports flat tax , tax cuts , fiscal federalism , protectionism [50] and, to some extent, agrarianism. Archived from the original on The Chi episode highlights the depth of the personal animosity, on top of serious policy differences, between him and Salvini, which raises questions about who would be calling the shots in the event of victory. Populism Federalism Regionalism Euroscepticism Anti-immigration. Salvini sells himself as a disruptor. In general election Meloni was elected in the Italian Chamber of Deputies ; subsequently she became the youngest ever Vice President of the Chamber.

Salvini e meloni prossimi incontri 2017

Feb 19,  · Salvini e Meloni Giovanni Della Casa Venturelli. Renzi attacca Di Maio e Salvini: "Non avete più alibi". Mimmo e Rosaria Miele - Made in Sud 30/05/ - Duration: Rai 1,, Us with Salvini (Italian: Noi con Salvini, (FI) leader Silvio Berlusconi, along with Meloni. CasaPound/Sovereignty, which was not invited, disliked Salvini's "moderate" turn and deserted the rally. In the local elections the NcS was present only in a few municipalities. May 18,  · (Agenzia VISTA) - Roma, 18 Maggio - La candidata a sindaco di Roma, Giorgia Meloni, e il leader della Lega Nord, Matteo Salvini, in diretta su . Matteo Salvini. Piace a persone · persone ne parlano. Giorgia Meloni. Personaggio politico. Tgcom Agenzia media/stampa. Partito Democratico. Partito politico. Michelle Hunziker. Personaggio pubblico. Continuo e continuerò a lavorare per difendere i confini del mio Paese e la sicurezza degli Italiani! # iononmollo.

Salvini e meloni prossimi incontri 2017
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