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Sep 28, 2017 - 34 minute read

Tse tse incontri

The tsetse are obligate parasites that live by feeding on the blood of vertebrate animals. Tsetse have been extensively studied because of their role in transmitting disease. They have a prominent economic impact in sub-Saharan Africa as the biological vectors of trypanosomeswhich cause human sleeping sickness and animal trypanosomiasis. Tsetse are multivoltine and long-lived, typically producing about four broods per year, and up to 31 broods over their lifespans. Tsetse can be distinguished from other large flies by two easily observed features. Tsetse fold their wings completely when they are resting so that one wing rests directly on top of the other over their abdomens. Tsetse also have a long probosciswhich extends directly forward and is attached by a distinct bulb to the bottom of their heads. Fossilized tsetse have been recovered from the Florissant Fossil Beds in Colorado[4] laid down some 34 million years ago. Tsetse were absent from much of southern and eastern Africa until colonial times. The accidental introduction of rinderpest in killed most of tse tse incontri cattle in these parts of Africa and the resulting famine removed much of the human population. Thorny bush ideal for tsetse quickly grew up where there had been pasture, and was repopulated by wild mammals. Tsetse and sleeping sickness tse tse incontri colonised the whole region, effectively excluding the reintroduction of farming and animal husbandry. Sleeping sickness has been described by some conservationists as "the best game warden in Africa". The word tsetse means "fly" in Tswanaa Bantu language of southern Africa. The word is pronounced tseh-tseh in the Sotho languages and is easily rendered in other African languages.

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They have been extensively studied because of their medical, veterinary, and economic importances, because the flies can be raised in a laboratory, and because they are relatively large, facilitating their analysis. Of the 39 tsetse-infested countries, 32 are low-income, food-deficit countries , 29 are least developed countries , and 30 are among the 40 most heavily indebted poor countries. These long-term effects may have kept population density low and discouraged cooperation between small-scale communities, thus preventing stronger nations from forming. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. Sleeping sickness — acute form. Glossinidae Theobald , Other forms of animal trypanosomiasis are also known from other areas of the globe, caused by different species of trypanosomes and transmitted without the intervention of the tsetse fly. Houseflies are easily killed with a flyswatter, but a great deal of effort is needed to crush a tsetse fly. The abdomen is short but wide and changes dramatically in volume during feeding. The discal medial "middle" cell of the wing has a characteristic hatchet shape resembling a meat cleaver or a hatchet. The genome of Glossina morsitans was sequenced in The cycle of biological transmission of trypanosomiasis involves two phases, one inside the tsetse host and the other inside the vertebrate host.

Tse tse incontri

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Tse tse incontri
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